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Phoenix 6.0BT GK DMS Kit

Breath Alcohol Test Kit - Phoenix 6.0 BT GK DMS

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The Phoenix 6.0BT (Bluetooth) GK (Gas Kit) DMS (Data Management System) Kit includes:  Phoenix 6.0BT breath alcohol tester, wireless Bluetooth Printer, an  A/C Charger, wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, one roll PermAffix Labels, and the 34 liter dry gas kit, all in the premium carrying case, 10 mouthpieces to get your collector started.  Also included is the user's manual, the calibration adapter, a wrist strap, colored rubber grip, one pack of 4 AA batteries.  This Kit also includes a one-year deluxe warranty.  With Lifeloc's EasyMode software, the wireless Bluetooth print capability, the air blank, auto altitude compensation you collector will be extremely portable and efficient while providing accurate results.