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Mock BAT Testing

Mock BAT Testing

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This pricing applies to our mock testing offered online or at the KCG office. If you would like a KCG instructor to travel to your office for mock testing, please call 303.670.2269 for a quote. To request mock testing, add this product to your shopping cart and complete your purchase. 

A representative from KCG Drug Alcohol Solutions will contact you to confirm the date for your mock testing. If you cancel, you must let us know 2 weeks prior to testing. Purchases can be used toward another test or returned if we receive adequate notice. 


About Mock Testing

Mock BAT testing allows you to practice and confirm with an expert that you are following the proper procedures required by DOT regulations for a breath alcohol test. Breath Alcohol Technicians must follow strict guidelines to ensure DOT compliance. Mock BAT testing is a great way to confirm that your technician's collection procedures are up to DOT standards.