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phoenix 6.0 BT GK Kit

Breath Alcohol Test Kit - Phoenix 6.0 BT GK

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Phoenix 6.0 Bluetooth Breath Alcohol Tester 

Lifeloc has paired the signature technologies, EasyMode™ software and PermAffix Labeling System™ with Bluetooth wireless printing,  which provides great portability for the collector.  This is the perfect portable DOT and Workplace alcohol testing solution for you.

The Phoenix 6.0BT comes standard with Lifeloc’s proprietary EasyMode™ software, guiding collectors through the DOT protocol while helping to ensure error-free breath alcohol testing and DOT compliance. With the Bluetooth printer, you will also receive the PermAffix Labeling System providing a tamper-evident, self-adhesive, permanent labels that are sized to fit the DOT breath alcohol forms. This labeling system eliminates the cost and hassle of tamper evident tape. The labels are crisp and clear allowing results to be faxed or scanned to the applicable parties. The Bluetooth printer also provides up to 33 feet of wireless connectivity using secure, encrypted data transmission between the printer and the Phoenix 6.0BT,  convenient for post-accident testing.  This easy-to-use machine and the associated Bluetooth devices are paired before leaving the factory. So you simply power up your unit and you are ready to print your test results instantly. 

The following list of features makes the Phoenix 6.0BT the most advanced and powerful breath alcohol tester on the market today:  

    DOT/NHTSA Approved

    Comes with a 2-year warranty

Mouthpieces & DOT and Non-DOT Forms 

    Fast response and recovery time

    EasyMode Software helps provide Error Free Testing

    PermAffix™ labeling system provides tamper evident labels cut to fit the DOT forms

    Automatic Air Blank

    Calibration Reminders and Lockout Features

    Three Testing Modes: Automatic, Manual, and Passive

    Customizable Software

    Full Sized 1" Platinum Fuel Cell

    Computer Interface and Remote Diagnostics Using DataTrak®

    Your collectors will be efficient and can trust the results of this machine.